Friday, May 7, 2010

ORGANZA Jasmin Sambac d’Inde 2009 by Givenchy

When the 2009 Indian sambac jasmine harvest magnifies Organza Story

Delicate, warm, honeyed: Jasmine Sambac d’Inde 2009 reinterprets Organza’s original scent. For the fifth year in a row, Givenchy presents a limited edition of their most emblematic perfumes recomposed around a flower that had an exceptional harvest the preceding year. This year, Organza features Sambac jasmine from Coimbatore, India. Seen as sacred in the Hindu tradition, the flower plays a key symbolic role in wedding ceremonies, where it incarnates the woman’s beauty and purity of heart. Also worth looking out for: Egyptian Nile Valley orange blossom for Ange ou Démon, Moroccan Centifolia rose for Very Irrésistible, and French mimosa for Amarige.

In the opening, jasmine’s green facet echoes honeysuckle, boosting its femininity. The original floral bouquet is more sensual and lush here, offering honeyed and almondy tonalities thanks to Indian sambac jasmine harvested in 2009. The warm and sensual trail pairs vanilla with woodsy and oriental notes.

Top note:

Neroli, Honeysuckle, Petit-Grain, Green Notes

Middle note:

Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Honeyed Notes, Almondy Notes

Base note:

Vanille, Vanilla, ,, Woodsy Notes

3 oz. limited edition eau de parfum.


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