Monday, August 20, 2012

Woman by Donna Karan

A fragrance for multi-faceted women


Woman by Donna Karan is inspired by all that women are… It celebrates their vision, generosity, and desire to inspire the world. It reflects beauty, intuition, but also vulnerability. ‘When I approached the project, I wove this idea of the multi-faceted woman into all aspects of the process’, explains Donna Karan. Woman is composed of woody notes (‘ingredients that are traditionally found in masculine fragrances’) wrapped with white flowers. According to Donna Karan, the fragrance embodies the ‘dichotomy of softness and strength’ of each woman.


A woody-floral scent, Donna Karan Woman is brightened with orange blossom. The two main ingredients of this fragrance are Haitian vetiver and creamy sandalwood. Perfumer : Anne Flipo, IFF.

Top notes

Orange Blossom

Heart note

Vetiver, Floral Notes

Base note

Creamy Notes, Sandalwood


Friday, August 17, 2012

This is part 3 of my perfume collection.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Work, To wear or not to wear fragrance?

As I sit at my desk and wonder about the scents that surround me, I ask. Do we all even bother to think about what our work space smell like. We spend most of our week at work and yet, it is one of those areas that we never think about when it comes to fragrance. Unfortunately, in a world were so many people are allergic to scents and a “fragrance free” work place is the norm. It’s almost quite depressing to think that the place where we spend so much of our daily life, lacks the personality, the comfort that scent can bring to us.

My immediate work space smells like my lotions and the occasional spritz that I put on from the perfume I may carry on my purse that week. But I do try to keep it to a minimal as not to offend anyone. That being said, I do work with someone who before you get to her workspace you can smell what perfume she is wearing. I love that. I know that this may cause grief or even discomfort for some people I think the fact that she uses fragrance to enhance her day is admirable. I love her abandon of the rules and her boldness as she wears what her heart desires in a world where wearing any noticeable scent to work is taboo.

Other scents that occasionally drift to my work space is the smell of food. As people go about their day and eat at their desk, I get to enjoy how diverse people can be just by the smells coming from the food they eat. I can be transported to the Caribbean, Italy, India, China, or down the street to the local burger place. One of my favorite ones is every now and then the smell of warm buttery popcorn makes its way to my desk. Popcorn to me will always be one of those nostalgic scents..aaaaahhh to be a child again and experience the big screen for the first time. Wonderful memories.

I say, wear what makes you happy. Enjoy the scents that bring joy to your life, but if at work, do it in moderation where both you and everyone around you is happy and maybe you can transform with the beauty of your scent someone who before you came along , lived a “fragrance free” life.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Check out the second part of my perfume collection!!
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Please check out My Perfume Collection Part 1. I will post part 2 of my collection this week.
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Santal majuscule by Serge Lutens

Olfactory memories from school days

Santal majuscule is the third sandalwood fragrance Serge Lutens has dreamt up – after Santal Blanc, a rather gentle scent, and the spicier Santal de Mysore. To a certain extent, there’s even Jeux de peau, which Santal majuscule is somewhat like. The fragrance is reminiscent of Serge Lutens’s school days, when he entertained himself by embellishing the capital letters (“majuscules,” in French) of his essays with all sorts of doodles.


Hard to categorize, Santal majuscule opens with spicy and syrupy notes. In the heart, sandalwood intertwines with a strongly present rose, before giving way to a sweetly woody trail with a chocolaty effect.

Top Notes

Spicy Notes, Syrupy Notes

Heart Note

Sandalwood, Rose

Base Note

Woody Notes, Chocolaty Notes


Friday, August 3, 2012

Youtube Introduction Video

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Fame by Lady Gaga

Oriental - Floral

You’ll go completely gaga for this black-hued eau de parfum


American pop star Lady Gaga is launching her first fragrance. Fame is a reference to her first album, The Fame. The mysterious black juice changes color, going transparent when you spray it on. “It’s black like the soul of fame, but invisible once airborne,” Lady Gaga explains.


Fame, by Lady Gaga, unveils a fruity apricot opening. Then the scent blossoms with floral notes of jasmine, orchid and belladonna before segueing into the end of its olfactory path with tonalities of honey and frankincense. Perfumers: Richard Herpin, Honorine Blanc and Nathalie Lorson, Firmenich.


Eau de Parfum 1 and 1.7 oz.; Shower Gel 6.8 oz.; Body Lotion 6.8 oz.; Soap 5 oz.


The golden cap is set onto the slightly oval bottle with a golden claw. The bottle is transparent, the better to flaunt the unusual black juice. Make no mistake: it really is the juice, and not the bottle, that’s black

Top notes

Apricot, Saffron

Heart note

Belladona, Jasmine, Orchid

Base note

Honey, Frankincense