Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today, September 4, 2012, back at work after a long labor day weekend. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend with family and friends. I hope the fragrant scents of the last lazy days at the beach, barbecues and fun days at the park were part of your summer. For me this summer was more about the pool than the beach, and I didn’t get to enjoy the park as much. I have to say that I am looking forward to the fall more than I thought I would. I am usually all about the summer. But right now I just can’t wait to see the leaves change, the nice cool breeze that lets us know that the cooler weather is right around the corner, and the amazing scents that identify the fall and the holidays. For me, the fall truly is the most amazing time of the year.

Since summer is still with us, I did want to squeeze the last bit of it. This weekend I changed the hand soap that I am using in my bathroom and kitchen. I have Bath and Body Works, Papaya Melon Scoop in my bathroom, sweet and fruity, and in my kitchen I change to Bath and Body Works Dancing Waters fresh and aquatic.

For home fragrance, I am still burning the same candle that I have been burning all summer, Slatkin & CO Seaside Escape. Really awesome, fresh and yummy scent.


Bath and Body works describes the scent as a blend of honey, coconut milk, olive fruit extracts, and Mango Fruit extract. Lightly scented with iced papaya, melon and juicy watermelon.

For me it is very sweet, very fruity.


Light fragrance of cool water flowing through a field of fresh flowers.
For me its very clean and aquatic. Very light fragrance.



Bath and Body Works describes it as a luscious guava and passion fruit, infused with juicy watermelon and rich tonka bean.

These are just things I use to remind me that although the last couple of days the weather seems to be cooler and beach time is technically over, summer is still here with us.
I am very much looking forward to the fall, but I also don’t want to rush it, as anticipation is also part of the allure.
Enjoy the rest of the summer and I hope it continues to be a fragrant time.

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