Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Haul 2012 – Happy fall is around the corner

Today I want to share with you a haul. These items were purchased by me in the last month or so.

Bath and Body Works
Slatkin & Co. 3-wick candles were purchased during the recent 2 for the price of 1($19.50) sale during labor day weekend.
I really like these candles. So far the ones I have tried have had really great projection and scent pay off. The ones I purchased were;

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin – It smells like fall to me. When I smelled this at the store I truly just wanted to dive right in. Its sweet, filled with spices that speak to my love of the fall in every way. Great candle. In B&BW’s website this scent is described as “sweet pumpkin pie, rich vanilla cream and a touch of cinnamon”.
Autumn – this candle spoke to me for the freshness that autumn brings. I love it when the weather first starts to change. The air has only a hint of the cold weather and you are filled with anticipation for the wonderful things autumn and the rest of the year has to bring with all the holidays and the wonderful scents that come with it. This scent is fruity, fresh with a hint of spice and sweet. In B&BW’s website this scent is described as “dark pomegranate, sweet red apple and woodsy fir balsam”.

I love the anti-bacterial hand soaps from B&BW’s. I always have one in my bathroom and kitchen with a scent that goes with that season. With that in mind I purchased the, sweet cinnamon pumpkin scent to go in my kitchen and bathroom. I was not that impressed with the scents. I purchase the one with the moisturizing beads for the kitchen and the creamy formula for my bathroom. The formula with the beads does not smell like sweet cinnamon pumpkin at all. It is more fruity and sweet with a hint of spice. The creamy formula is a bit more like what I expected but it still falls short in the “fall” department.

I purchased for one dollar a sample lotion for an upcoming new fragrance line at B&BW’s, Cashmere Glow. I really liked this lotion. It actually reminds me a bit of twilight woods. Really yummy.

I acquired two new perfumes. One I purchased through Groupon for a discounted price and the other I purchased at ROSS department stores for a very affordable price. Both were blind buys but I am very happy that I purchased them as I am very happy with the fragrances.

Bvlgari – Omnia – This fragrance is spicy, dark, woody yet it holds a nurturing and sensual feel to it. It’s very inviting. The fragrance is described as a modern oriental, a few of the scent notes are mandarin, saffron, masala tea, and white chocolate.

Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea, Exotic – I already own the regular Green Tea version of this perfume and I really enjoy wearing it. Green Tea is light and fresh, perfect to wear during hot summer days. Green Tea Exotic has the basic same components with the addition of floral notes. It remains very fresh and clean but now has that hint of femininity that the original was lacking. Great scent and buy, especially for the price. Some of the notes are, tea, citrus, spearmint, in addition to exotic florals. The dry down mixes with woods and light musk.

I also picked up a few items at a store called Lot Less, you can get items here at a very very affordable price. I picked up three items from a natural beauty company called Ecotools.

Ecotools sustainable softness body lotion – very light and fresh.

Ecotools blooming planet body mist – Soft, clean and floral.

Ecotools love heels all, intensive heel cream - Its very creamy and minty.

These were the items I purchased for this haul. Let me know if you would like for me to review any of these items.

I hope you are enjoying the weather and I hope that you are just as excited as me for the upcoming fall season.

Till next time, and I hope you continue to live a beautiful and fragrant life.

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