Friday, March 5, 2010

Food for thought...

I have been thinking how I should structure The Scented Nook blog. Should there be a structure?
I think right now what I would like to do is bring news from the fragrance and bath and body community/industry as well as reviews of old and new products.
I don’t want to just focus on what is new and “hot” at the moment and forget and not bring forth those magical scents of our pasts.
I would also love to provide as much information on what makes perfumes, lotions, creams, soaps and all the goodies that make us smell like whatever our imaginations can dream of. Really the choices out there are overwhelming, and although that in itself can be what some have called the downfall of the perfumery industry. I believe that if you want to smell like a bakery on a Sunday morning, then why the hell can you?

I am not a “perfumista” by any means as I don’t think I have the knowledge in general yet of what is out there especially in the niche world of perfumery. I also do not yet have the nose to smell something and pick it apart and tell you what raw materials are in the “juice”. What I am is a fan of the art and the beauty that fragrances can bring to our lives.
I don’t like everything out there, but I do respect if you do.


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