Monday, December 14, 2015

J'DORE by Christian Dior


The fragrance was very bright and floral when I first put it on. I would also add that it has a soapy component to it that makes it clean –softens the floral a bit which could be the ivy leaf note. It was beautiful from the very beginning, it smelled like a sophisticated woman that wants and knows she smell fabulous. It is said that the current version of the fragrance is very different than the original that was launched back in 1999. Now, I remember getting a bottle of this fragrance in the early 2000’s for one of my aunts and thinking “this is a good fragrance for an older woman like my aunt. Mature, yet still sexy, this is what this fragrance said to me when I smelled it then. In my 20’s I would not be caught dead wearing it. This version of the scent, is softer, and a lot fresher to me which confirms to me that this fragrance was reformulated. Does the fact that I prefer this version over the original which is more liked in the fragrance community mean that the juice is no good? Absolutely not! This scent is beautiful, is sexy, sophisticated and can take the wearer from day time wear to night time and ready for a night out with a couple of spritz, it is definitely a lot more modern and wearable day to day than the original.


Top notes:

Ylang-ylang, essence from the Comoro islands

Middle notes:

Damascena, Rose Essence

Base notes:

Sambac Jasmine Absolute


The scent lasted about 8-10 hours on me, the middle notes were decadent and beautifully floral. Again there was nothing obnoxious about the scent at no point during each transition. The dry down was soft and floral at this point. You can still smell the floral notes specifically, but at this point they were light in nature. J'dore is an easy fragrance to wear if you like florals. I say this very specifically because if you do not like floral perfumes, you may not gravitate towards J’dore because although it is a floral clean fragrance, the floral notes are the standout.

A definite classic scent for all times, J’dore will continue to allure many women to its beautiful scent.



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