Saturday, December 5, 2015


 I received a deluxe sample of Viktor & Rolf, Bonbon a few months ago. I immediately opened the very cute bottle and sniffed... I was not very impressed. Months later I decided to give it a go again and try it out, and I will say that this time around I was intrigued.

First let's give the bottle some attention. The bottle is in the shape of a bow, I know, I know, who cares about the packaging-- let's talk about the juice inside. Well if people did not care about the packaging, companies would put the very important juice in a plain bottle and call it a day. But in this case, Victor & Rolf wanted you to take notice. The bow in this bottle designed is said to be an iconic symbol in the brands rich heritage. The fragrance with its bottle design, is supposed to enhance the experience as a bow represents a celebration and the anticipation that comes with unwrapping a present especially for you.

The fragrance is described in the following manner and I quote " BONBON is a timeless sensation inviting a pure and absolute pursuit of pleasure. It is an haute confection that fuels desire through a scent so irresistible, it is nearly edible: a delicious olfactory dessert composed of juicy caramelized fruits, sun drenched flowers and sweet creamy woods that create a delightful self-indulgent experience."

Let's talk about the juice....

-Top: Tangerine, Blackcurrant, Orange
-Middle: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Peach
-Base: Guaiac Wood, Cedar wood, Caramel

The first time I wore the fragrance it was very sweet right from first spray. I gave it about five minutes and then I was hooked. Yes, it is very sweet, but it has a depth to it. There is a dimension to the sweetness that is very intoxicating, My mouth was watering.
The fragrance manages to be bright and dark at the same time. The way the top notes (tangerine, orange and blackcurrant) play with eachtoher is addictive, in a good way. The only way I can describe this stage in the fragrance is delicious.
The middle notes did not take too long to make its appearance. Right away I smelled the orange blossom as it transitioned into the middle notes. Unfortunately during this phase of the fragrance is when it starts going south for me. The middle notes are very light on me, I don't smell much of the jasmine.
Orange flower and peach play a bigger role on this stage, however, the jasmine is light in the background trying to make a more memorable performance.
The dry down is soft, very soft after such a powerful entrance. The only note that lingers on me is caramel, Light fruity and caramel. If this gave me a more powerful punch, I can live with that as this scent is very wearable. However, when I wear a fragrance, I want to be able to smell it throughout the day.
Overall the fragrance is nice, it's fun and if you want a fragrance that is fruity, sweet with a very soft hint of floral, give this one a try. That being said, I feel that for the investment you have to make, what this fragrance gives you is not worth the price. As always, Fragrance is a choice we make every day.

Viktor & Rolf Eau De Parfum 1.7oz $115.0, 3oz. $165


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