Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nirvana Black by Elizabeth and James

Nirvana Black was created by the Elizabeth and James brand which was founded in 2007 by CFDA award winning designers Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. They wanted to create a brand, and I quote that, “bring an elevated sensibility and thoughtful design to this contemporary lifestyle brand.” Elizabeth is supposed to embody sophistication and femininity and James brings edge and masculinity to the equation. They are meant to work separately, but together they create the vision that makes Elizabeth and James such a unique and modern brand. I am going a little bit into the brand, because in order to understand Nirvana Black, it helps to understand the concept and vision it was created under. Nirvana Black has a counterpart, Nirvana White, both fragrances can be worn separately, but together they create an unique scent that truly embodies the Elizabeth and James brand.

Violet, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

When I first put on the fragrance, the scent was  pungent and sharp, spicy and musky right away. If I use one word to describe the initial impression I get from the scent it is darkness. Additionally,  you smell the woody components as well. The violet note is not sweet, it is more green and herbal. The combination makes me feel like I am walking through a wet forest on a cold day.

There is a sweetness to the fragrance that is very appealing and makes you want to get closer, this does not make its appearance until the heart and base notes show up. This is when the fragrance takes a more feminine and soft journey as supposed to the initial opening which is very masculine in its olfactory song. Although soft, at this point the fragrance  remains full of personality with its spicy and delectable scent.

Dirty femininity with this scent is one way to describe it, it’s pretty but there is a level of edge and mystery and smokiness that makes this fragrance very appealing and comforting.

In my opinion Nirvana Black is best worn in the cooler months, if not, could be over powering  in the warmer months. However if you layer it with Nirvana White it would work for the warmer months as the notes in the white makes it fresher and brings out more of the floral notes than the spicy notes. The beauty of the Nirvana fragrances (White and Black) is that you can use them both layering them, or individually. Together they smell amazing, it can really cater to your mood, season and place.

The journey of this fragrance up to this point was very interesting, and the top and middle notes is what makes this fragrance beautiful and unique. The dry down after about 8 hours was very soft vanilla with a slight powdery note.

Overall, Nirvana Black is a beautiful scent, one that will be unique and bring something special to your fragrance collection. Go ahead and explore this dark beauty, who knows, it might bring out a side of you that you didn’t know you had.

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