Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The first time I wore My Burberry I felt like a sophisticated lady. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a perfume to make me feel sophisticated, beautiful, sexy, etc... but perfumes have that magic about them, they create an illusion that is hard to resist.
The perfumer for My Burberry is French contemporary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Francis is a well renown perfumer who has been honored for his work by winning the Prix Francois Coty in 2001. A few of his well-known olfactory masterpieces include; Le Male for Jean Paul Gautier, Narcisso Rodriguez For Her, Aqua Di Palma Iris Nobile and many more beautiful fragrances.
With My Burberry, The iconic Burberry house wanted to capture and I quote " The iconic fragrance inspired by the trench coat. The scent captures the essence of a London garden after the rain." fragrance description.
- Top: sweet pea, bergamot.
- Middle: geranium, golden quince, freesia.
- Base: patchouli, damask, centifolia roses.
At first the scent enveloped me in a bright very floral blanket. It is a strong floral, one you cannot miss, however the beauty of this fragrance is that it manages to stay fresh and clean at the same time. The note that stands out to me is the sweet pea with its floral sweet scent, the bergamot keeps the floral note fresh. The sweetness does not last very long on me, the fragrance very smoothly transcends into the floral notes that geranium can entice you with,  which is the strongest note on me. Freesia takes over for the bergamot and keeps the fragrance clean but at this point gives it that powdery note that balances out the geranium. The golden quince keeps the fragrance light, bright with a hint of fruits, but most importantly it keeps the fragrance modern. The dry down for me was all about roses, soft, and feminine. After about 8-9 hours of wear the perfume was still able to scent my body beautifully and with compliments from my significant other. Any fragrance that can do that after so many hours of wear, is a winner on my book.
After all is said and done, You need to have a light hand with this fragrance, if not, it can be one that can overwhelm you and those around you. That being said, it is still soft and  feminine when applied with a light hand.
I personally love this fragrance. It is one that I feel can be worn both in the office, daytime wear, night time or a special occasion. It would make a great wedding scent if you wanted to capture romance in a bottle, this is it. It will do well in all of those areas and moments in life because it really those transcend and can morph with the woman. My Burberry is a fragrance that is powerful enough to take you back to the days where a perfume wore the woman, but in this case, the woman wears the fragrance beautifully.
For me this fragrance is a definite must, if you want to have a perfume that can only enhance the woman you want to be on any given day.
Retail Price:
My Burberry Eau De Parfum - 1.0oz - $72.0, 1.6oz - $96.0, 3oz - $125.0 via

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